Becoming a Permanent Checking Station

Permanent Checking Stations (PCS) are locations where parents/caregivers can receive information about child passenger safety from nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and have their car seats and seat belts checked to be sure they are installed and used correctly.

Before Applying to Become a PCS:

Determine who the Primary and Secondary Contacts will be for the PCS.

  • The Primary and Secondary Contacts are administrative contacts (information is not displayed publicly).
  • The Primary Contact should be a currently certified CPST.
  • Both the Primary and Secondary contacts will have the ability to edit the PCS information, add service locations, submit quarterly reports, and add events to the calendar.

Determine the public contact, hours, and locations at which you will be offering seat checks.

  • A single PCS can have multiple service locations (i.e. NC Town Fire Department PCS might have locations at Station 1, Station 4, and Station 5).
  • Location information will be displayed to the public.
  • Each location will have their own address, hours, and public contact information.

Determine who will staff the PCS and ensure all individuals who will be teaching caregivers how to use and install their seats are currently certified CPSTs.

Steps for becoming an NC-recognized PCS:

These steps cannot be completed on a mobile device.

  1. Create an individual account (both the Primary and Secondary contacts will need individual accounts) by clicking on “login” in the left side panel.
  2. Login to your account using the username and password emailed to you and select, “Create a New Program.”
  3. Complete the form and hit submit; a pre-populated application will be generated based on the information entered.
  4. Obtain the signatures of the Primary Contact and the Agency head (chief, director, etc.).
  5. Follow instructions to complete and submit application by mail or email.
  6. Your application will be reviewed for completeness and clarity and approved when complete.

If you need assistance or have questions about becoming a permanent checking station, contact


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