Class Registration Information

The Safe Kids CPS Certification website has detailed, up-to-date information on class registration fees, registration process, and certification requirements.  If you have questions about the registration process, course fees, or your certification status, visit their FAQ page or contact them at:

Safe Kids CPS Certification Customer Service
Phone: 877-366-8154

How do I register for a CPS Certification or Renewal Testing Course?

Visit Safe Kids Certification to find a class in your area. All registrations for certification and Renewal classes must be made using the Safe Kids Certification online system. Some organizations have registered with the Safe Kids Certification program to be able to allow affiliates/members to pay fees online with an E-voucher. Check with your organization to see if this has been arranged.

Why do some certification classes have additional fees?

  • Some classes in North Carolina are run through local Community Colleges in order to help cover payment for the services of the Instructors. Unless the local Community College agrees to waive tuition fees for all participants, an additional Community College tuition fee – usually $120 – must be paid by anyone not involved with fire services, law enforcement, or EMS.
  • Local host agencies may charge their own separate class registration fees to help cover the cost of conducting the classes. All local fees, if any, must be paid directly to the local agency. Contact the listed Lead Instructor for additional information about the fees.


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