CPS Technician Proxy

A Technician Proxy is a CPS Technician who has been authorized to review and approve Technician seat checks needed for recertification.

North Carolina is a large, rural state and Technician Proxies play an important role in the state Child Passenger Safety Program by reviewing and approving seat checks for CPS Technicians in rural communities that do not have a local CPS Instructor.

As of March 2020, North Carolina had 108 Technician Proxies in 45 counties. A list of North Carolina’s CPS Instructors and Proxies can be found here.

Minimum qualifications for becoming a Technician Proxy:

  • Be a certified CPS Technician for at least 6 months.
  • Demonstrate active participation as a CPS Technicians through clinics and/or Permanent Checking Stations.

Application Process:

  1. Identify 2 CPST Instructors or Technicians who are able to complete a testimonial as part of the application process. Eligible CPST Instructors and Technicians must have observed you complete at least 3 seat checks and have observed you work with other Technicians as a senior or final checker at least twice (at least one Testimonial must be completed by a CPST Instructor).
  2. Complete the Safe Kids Technician Proxy application (including payment) as required by the Safe Kids CPS Certification program.


As with the Certification Program, the Technician Proxy program is managed by Safe Kids Certification. For more information about the program, including the Technician Proxy application, visit Safe Kids Certification.


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