Permanent Checking Stations

A Permanent Checking Station (PCS) is a location where caregivers can meet with Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) to learn how to use and install their car seats and booster seats. North Carolina has an extensive network of over 260 PCS locations, serving 88 counties throughout the state. NC utilizes the system to organize, support, and communicate with Permanent Checking Stations.

Permanent Checking Stations provide a beneficial service to their communities by teaching caregivers how to use their car seats and booster seats correctly. Benefits for the agency include:

  • Positive community engagement
  • Program information appears on
  • Access to network of other CPS professionals and programs in the community
  • Access to available resources offered by Office of State Fire Marshal/Safe Kids & the UNC Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC)
  • Ability to add events to the publicly displayed calendar

Permanent Checking Station FAQs:

Do we need to be available to check car seats all the time?

No. Your agency should select the days and times that work for your staff and community. Some PCSs only offer services by appointment while others have specific days and times they are available for walk-in assistance. The listing on allows each location to specify their hours of operation, public contact, and general information.

Are there costs associated with being a PCS?

There are no fees for becoming an NC-recognized PCS. However, PCS locations are required to have current nationally certified CPSTs available for seat checks and car seat education. There are some fees associated with receiving and maintaining that certification. Information on certification and recertification requirements and fees can be found on

Do we need a dedicated space for car seat checks?

You do not need to have a space dedicated solely for car seat checks. However, each PCS will need to identify a location where they can safely check car seats. This could be a section of your parking lot or other location at your facility or at a partner agency’s facility.

What about liability?

The NC Child passenger safety technician; limitation of liability law (G.S. 20-137.5) provides protection for nationally certified technicians and their sponsoring agencies when acting in good faith and within the scope of their training.

Are there any administrative requirements?

NC-Recognized PCSs are asked to submit a simple report of the total number of families and number of children served by five age categories each quarter. This report only takes a minute or two to complete. PCSs are encouraged to keep track of this information using a simple spreadsheet or tally system to make submitting this report as easy as possible.



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