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The Safe Kids CPS Certification website has detailed information on class registration fees, registration process, and certification requirements.  If you have specific questions about the registration process, course fees, or your certification status, contact:

Safe Kids CPS Certification Customer Service
Phone: 877-366-8154

Much of the following is taken in part from the Safe Kids CPS Certification and registration web site. Policies and procedures found on the Safe Kids site will stand in the event of a discrepancy between it and information found on

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  • How do I register for a CPS Certification Class or Renewal Class?
    • All registrations for certification and Renewal classes must be made using the Safe Kids Certification online system.
    • The Certification site has detailed information on the registration process, fees, and instructions on how to register for a class.
    • Individuals can register for certification and renewal classes by creating a profile on the Safe Kids Certification online system and following the online instructions for registration.
    • Organizations can register with the Safe Kids Certification program to be able to allow their affiliates/members to pay fees online with a purchase order or E-voucher (credit). Organizations are able to track the certifications of their affiliates/members by viewing their contact and certification information and are able to use the organization’s purchase orders or E-vouchers to pay online for course registration, re-certification or instructor candidacy. Refer to Organization Management on the Safe Kids CPS Certification site for more information.
  • Why do some certification classes have additional fees?
    • Local host agencies may charge their own separate class registration fees to help defray costs for conducting the classes. Safe Kids Certification will not accept additional local fees. All local fees, if any, must be paid directly to the local agency. Contact the listed Lead Instructor for additional information about the fees.
    • Some classes in North Carolina are run through local Community Colleges in order to help cover payment for the services of the Instructors. Unless the local Community College agrees to waive tuition fees for all participants, an additional Community College tuition fee – usually $120 – must be paid by anyone not involved with fire services, law enforcement, or EMS.
    • Students required to pay the Community College tuition fee must pay the fee on the first day of class. The Safe Kids Certification program will not accept additional local fees. Additional questions about payment of these fees should be directed to the Community College that serves the County in which the class is being held.
  • Are scholarships available to attend classes in North Carolina?
    • The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP) is offering a limited number of scholarships to help students with travel expenses (limited to lodging and meal expenses for overnight stays) for North Carolina classes sponsored or co-sponsored by GHSP / OSFM. These scholarships are administered by the NC Department of Insurance, Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM).  Classes eligible for scholarships are identified by the “Limited Scholarships are available for this class” notation in the class schedule.
    • Applications for scholarships must be submitted and approved prior to the class for which they are being requested and must be submitted on the NC Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification Training Scholarship Request form.
    • Scholarship requests must be received one week prior to the training.
    • Download the NC CPS Training Scholarship Request Form     Word     PDF
    • Contact Allison Cummings ( or 919-647-0077) to verify if scholarships are available for a particular class.
    • Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
      In order to be eligible for a scholarship, the student must meet the following criteria:
      • The training class must be located at least 35 miles from the individual’s regularly assigned duty station or home, whichever is less;
      • The travel must involve an overnight stay; and
      • Travel expenses are not available through the student’s agency.
    • Unless the applicant is retired, self-employed or unemployed, the signature of the applicant’s supervisor is required for confirmation that the applicant meets these criteria.
    • What the Scholarships Cover and How Expenses are Reimbursed
      Meals and lodging will be reimbursed at State of North Carolina rates in effect at the time of the class.
      Allowable expenses will be reimbursed after the class, after a reimbursement request form has been completed (with all required receipts attached), and after attendance for the entire class is confirmed by OSFM. Note that in accordance with State of NC travel reimbursement guidelines, meals cannot be reimbursed unless an overnight stay is involved.
    • What the Scholarships DO NOT Cover:
      NC CPS Technician certification training class travel scholarships do not cover class registration fees (Safe Kids CPS certification class fee and any applicable local fees), mileage for personal or agency vehicles, or any other costs associated with attending a CPS certification training class.
    • If Awarded a Scholarship
      • You will receive an e-mail confirmation with additional reimbursement information.
      • You will be responsible for making your own hotel reservation, paying for your room and meals, and keeping your receipt for lodging with a $0.00 balance.
      • You will be responsible for registering and paying for the class through the Safe Kids CPS Certification website before the first day of class.
      • An individual on scholarship who does not pass the certification class can be reimbursed for expenses for that class, but will not be eligible for another scholarship for another class.
      • Scholarships approved by OSFM are valid only for the class for which it is approved. If your registration is transferred to another class for any reason, you must submit a revised scholarship application.
  • How do I register for the NC CPS Update/Refresher Class?
    • To register for an Update/Refresher class, contact the lead instructor or class coordinator for complete information on registration fees, policies, and registration procedures.
  • How do I register for the Transportation of Children with Special Health Care Needs Class?
    • To register for the Transportation of Children with Special Healthcare Needs class, contact the lead instructor or class coordinator for complete information on registration fees, policies, and registration procedures.


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