CPS Technician Certification and Recertification

The National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training Program was established in 1998. Child passenger safety (CPS) certification classes are 4 day classes that combine classroom instruction, hand-on practice, and a community car seat event where students teach parents how to properly use their seat belts and car seats. Successful completion of this course certifies the individual as a CPS technician for two years.

National certification helps to enhance the credibility and professionalism of individual child passenger safety advocates and practitioners as well as the organizations and programs that employ them or use their services. Documented CPS training and experience also can help reduce employer, program, and practitioner liability.

Below are answers to some common questions about the certification and recertification process.  If you have specific questions you should contact Safe Kids CPS Certification directly through their website or by calling Certification Customer Service 877-366-8154. Specific questions about certification, recertification, and online services might be answered through their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Common Questions about Certification and Recertification

  • What are the requirements for the skills evaluations, CEUs, and community event needed for recertification?
    • The certification cycle for both technicians and instructors is two years. There are two general steps to successful recertification.
    • 1. Meet all pre-registration requirements, including:
      • Verified seat check activity (5 types).
      • Community event (checkups, community workshop, educational session)
      • Continuing education (6 hours)
      • If applicable, minimum teaching hours (instructors only)
    • 2. Register and pay for recertification ($55 for Technicians, $60 for Instructors).
    • Technicians can start the recertification process at any point during their recertification cycles. Technicians who wait until the last month of their certification cycle to begin the recertification process are not likely to be able to complete all requirements in time. There is NO grace period for recertification.
    • Visit the Safe Kids certification website for the specific requirements needed for recertification.
  • Where can I find CEU opportunities?
    • There are many opportunities for Technicians and Instructors to earn CEUs needed for recertification. Refer to the Safe Kids Certification website for detailed information on CEU eligibility, documentation, and auditing requirements.
    • The Safe Kids Certification website provides information on CEU opportunities available online.
    • Below are some examples of places where you can earn CEUS.  Other opportunities may be available.
    • Category 1. In-person Session/Workshop (maximum 6 CEUs)
      NC Traffic Safety Conference
      NC Safe Kids Conference
      • NC Update/Refresher classes
      Kidz in Motion (KIM) National CPS Conference
      Lifesavers Conference
    • Category 2. Teleconferences (maximum 5 CEUs)
      • A teleconference is a call with a moderator and many callers. To qualify for CEUs, there must be a formal agenda published in advance and the organizers must confirm your attendance.
    • Category 3. Online/Web sessions (maximum 6 CEUs)
      CPS Board website – Technicians may qualify for CEUs by completing an online presentation and passing a corresponding quiz.
    • Safe Kids Webinars – Free webinars offered by Safe Kids.  Pre-registration is required.
    • • Britax Advocate Extranet – Accessible only through CPS Technicians’ profiles on the Safe Kids CPS Certification website. The Britax Advocate Extranet is a site for certified child passenger safety technicians (CPST) and instructors (CPSTI) to earn CPS CEUs, and find technical support and information regarding Britax products.
    • Evenflo’s SafetyMadeEasier website. Here you will find CEU opportunities, installation tips, and information about Evenflo’s product line.
    • Category 4. Newsletters/Manuals/Journals (maximum 3 CEUs)
    • Subscribe to Safe Ride News –  One CEU is awarded for each year of subscription to the newsletter.
    • Read the LATCH manualOne CEU per 2-year certification period is available for Technicians who read the LATCH manual and take the quiz.
    • • Read Scientific Journals – Articles must be in national, peer reviewed journals or national scientific conference proceedings. Read 3 articles for 1 CEU with a 1 CEU maximum per certification cycle.
  • My certification has expired. How do I get recertified?
    • Technicians who fail to meet recertification requirements prior to their certification expiration are no longer eligible for regular re-certification, but may be eligible to take the Certification Renewal Course.
    • The Renewal Course provides a brief overview of the technical information contained in the most recent version of the NHTSA CPS Certification curriculum, verifies technical skills through hands-on testing, and assesses CPS knowledge through an on-site written test. Upon successful completion of this class, technicians will be recertified.
    • This course is meant for expired CPS Technicians who have maintained their child passenger safety knowledge and their hands-on skills. Persons who need more review and practice should consider retaking the national certification course in order to regain certification.
    • More information about the class including fees and registration information are available on the Safe Kids Certification website.
  • What is a Technician Proxy?
    • Technician Proxies are Technicians who have gone through an application and review process to become authorized to provide seat check reviews and sign offs for recertification. The Tech Proxy status was created by the CPS Certification Program as a way to fill a need for skills sign-offs in areas with few Certified Instructors or with very high ratios of Technicians to Instructors.
    • To become approved as a Technician Proxy, the applicant must clearly demonstrate strong technical “seat check” skills to the evaluating Instructor by clearly showing an understanding of child passenger safety technical issues, by using vehicle and child restraint owners’ manuals and other resources as necessary for a given situation, and by demonstrating strong communication and caregiver education skills.
    • Refer to the CPS Certification website for additional details about becoming a Technician Proxy.
  • How do I find an Instructor or Technician Proxy to help me with my skills evaluation or observe me as a Proxy applicant?
    • Technicians are encouraged to work with Instructors and Technician Proxies in their area on a regular basis. A list of current North Carolina Instructors and Proxies can be found on the NC CPS Instructors and Proxies page.
    • Additionally, some local events are posted on the Technician Events Calendar.
    • Postings indicate whether or not an Instructor or Tech Proxy will be present at the event to help with skills signoffs. Be sure to read and follow any special instructions, if any, for Technicians who want to have their skills verified at the different events.


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