CPS Training Committee Membership Guidelines


The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program and the NC Department of Insurance/OSFM, have established the NC Child Passenger Safety Training Committee (NC CPSTC) to develop and implement policies and procedures to be followed by agencies, programs, or individuals conducting CPS training programs sponsored in whole or in part by the State of North Carolina.

Committee Membership:

The Committee shall be composed of three (3) permanent agency representatives, and up to eighteen (18) nonpermanent agency representatives.

Permanent Members:

Permanent agencies represented shall be the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP); the NC Department of Insurance, Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM); and the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC). These representatives will serve as the Executive Committee, and will be appointed by their organizations and are not subject to the open application process.

The Training Committee as a whole works to develop and implement policies and procedures. However, it is the Executive Committee (GHSP, OSFM, HSRC) that has final authority over the content of NC produced curricula and materials as well as the use and delivery of child passenger safety training curricula, materials and classes sponsored by the state of NC, due to the nature of the federal and state funding systems.

Non-Permanent Members:

Additional committee membership shall be composed of representatives from the following services, with membership not to exceed three (3) representatives from any one category: Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Emergency Medical Services, Public Health/Hospital, Special Populations, and Advocates. Within these six categories, the Committee strives to have representatives from the Western, Eastern, and Central areas of North Carolina, as well as representation from local programs such as Safe Kids, Safe Communities, and NC Safe Kids Buckle up. In the Law Enforcement category, the committee strives to have a representative from both state and local agencies. Non-permanent members are selected through an open application process.

The Executive Committee may reserve a portion of non-permanent slots to be filled by representatives appointed by agencies or programs that play a prominent role in CPS training, education, and/or enforcement, may appoint representatives to fill vacancies on the Training Committee as they arise, and may invite additional representatives of child passenger safety programs or advocacy groups to participate on the committee as the need arises.

Qualifications for Membership:

It is a recommendation that non-permanent members be currently certified CPS Technicians or Technician Instructors. Committee positions are not paid positions, but funds to cover allowable travel expenses are available.

Length of Membership:

Membership on the Committee is for three (3) years. Membership years run from October through September (to coincide with NC GHSP project years). In the event of an unplanned vacancy of a rotating Committee position with more than one year remaining on the member’s term, a replacement may be selected from the most current list of applicants to fill the position for the remainder of the term of the original Committee member. Vacancies occurring within one year of the expiration of the member’s term may be filled in the next call for applications. Terms of membership are staggered so that the entire Committee is not replaced at one time.

Regular Meetings:

In general, meetings are held monthly. Additional meetings and sub-committee meetings may be called as needed. The total time commitment depends upon the work of the total Committee and any work assignments.

Member Responsibilities:

Committee members will be expected to:
1. Participate in 9 of the 11 regularly scheduled meetings per year of the Committee and are strongly urged to participate in additional called meetings.
2. Work on subcommittees and other Committee activities between meetings, as needed.
3. Serve as monitors for NHTSA CPS Technician certification classes and Basic Awareness classes, held in their geographic region, as able.

Applicants who will be representing an organization and who will be participating in Committee activities while “on-duty” or who will have to be allowed to take time off by their employer must have the organization’s Executive Director or Chief Executive/Operating Officer (CEO/COO) sign the application form attesting that he or she has read, understands, and agrees to support and allow the applicant to fulfill the member responsibilities.


Overnight lodging and mileage to Committee meetings and/or functions may be covered through reimbursement; however, travel expenses paid by member’s agency are encouraged.

Non-permanent Membership Selection:

Committee membership is available to any interested individual who represents an eligible agency through an open application process. Positions open as of October 1 of the current calendar year will be posted in the spring of each year. All interested and eligible persons are invited to apply. Applicants may apply for more than one position, but must submit an application for each position. Applicants are selected to represent only one category.

Persons applying for membership must submit an application form (found on the application invitation page) that includes a signed statement of support from their agency’s authorizing agent with the application form.

Applications Review:

The Membership Committee shall review all applications and select the top candidate for each category using the following criteria:

1. Application must be complete and submitted on time.
2. Applicant meets criteria for the category indicated.

An application shall be ranked against other applications only within the same category.

Special consideration will be given to organizations doing outreach to diverse communities. Additional consideration will be given to a) new applicants versus existing members who are reapplying, and b) certified CPS Instructors and NC Basic Awareness Instructors versus Technicians and persons with no CPS certification.

If no qualified applications are received for any given category, then the Committee may re-open the application process.

The Membership Committee shall review all applications and make recommendations of new candidates to the full Committee membership. The Committee will review the applicants to ensure diversity (geographic, ethnic, professional, gender). The proposed slate of new members will be submitted to the full Committee for approval.

All applicants will be notified by mail confirming their approval for membership or a letter of appreciation for their interest, and encouraged to apply in the next membership cycle.


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